Laser Surgery - Frenectomy

From Infant Frenectomy to Cavities

Soft and Hard tissue lasers provide excellent treatment for specific dental procedures in children and adults.

Soft tissue lasers cut through the soft tissue while cauterizing blood vessels and nerve endings. Many adults and children experience little postoperative pain following the use of a laser and heal faster.  Our dentists perform hundreds of infant frenectomies each year.  Laser frenectomy is recommended for infants and children who are tongue tied (restricted or tight frenulum) and babies unable to breast feed . A laser frenectomy may also help to eliminate speech impediments.

Hard tissue lasers are often used in the "prepping" or "shaping" of teeth for composite bonding, the removal of small amounts of tooth structure and the repair of certain worn down dental fillings.  Hard tissue dental lasers may eliminate the need for a local anesthetic injection and the traditional turbine dental drill. Lasers used in dental filling procedures are capable of killing bacteria located in a cavity, potentially leading to improved long term tooth restorations. However, dental lasers are not appropriate for the replacement of amalgam fillings, onlays or crowns.  Dental lasers may be used to seal the root of the tooth and reduce hot and cold tooth sensitivity.

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Teach your child to floss daily to remove plaque from places their toothbrush can’t reach.

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