Membership Plan

No Dental Insurance? No Problem!
We offer a unique dental membership plan that offsets the cost of our dental services.  This membership is only available at our Upper Merion office in King of Prussia.  It is available for both children and adults. 

Plan A
For patients without dental insurance
Primary Member - $149/Year (Value $155-$207)
Secondary Member - $139/Year (Value $155-$207)
Additional Family Members - $129/Year (Value $158-$198)

Each member is entitled to an annual:

  • Oral exam by a pediatric or general dentist
  • Cleaning by a professionally trained dental hygienist
  • Fluoride treatment (if age appropriate)
  • Radiographs (x-ray) if needed

All other treatments receive the following discounts:

  • Pediatric dental treatments - 15% discount
  • General dental treatments (including white or silver fillings, extractions, bleaching) 10% discount
  • Major work including buildups, crowns, veneers, implants, implant restoration, crown lengthening, gingival procedures - 15% discount
  • Endodontic (root canal) procedures - 15% discount
  • Orthodontic / Invisalign treatment - 10% discount
  • Periodontal Treatments (gum disease) - 15% discount
  • Additional treatments performed by our dental hygienists - 15% discount

Payment is due at time of service. Payment plans and care credit available for large treatment plans.